Our Promise

From the very fast tankful, Olympic Petroleum products go to work – removing up to 50% of carbon deposit build-up in just about 5,000 km.

So, what’s your vehicle’s fuel consumption? Did you know that your engine’s performance can significantly affect your fuel economy? Olympic Petroleum fuel products are carefully formulated to suit our region’s needs. Our products will clean up grimy deposits that affect combustion, which in turn boosts your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

Our fuel cleaning technology helps bond to your vehicle’s vital engine parts to help reduce carbon deposits, which significantly helps keep the air and fuel ratio in proper rations. Our products will not only clean your engine’s injectors, intake valves, and other vital engine parts but also protect them with a coating to keep them clean as you drive down the road.

Let’s face it! Engine pinging and knocking is often a sign of a problem in your engine’s chamber. Our quality petroleum fuel helps minimize the harmful combustion chamber deposits that often lead to engine pinging and knocking.