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A solid choice for most gasoline-powered automobiles. With our premium petrol, you can keep your vehicle’s engine 2X cleaner for engine health, and good gas mileage. That means long-lasting, high-performing, engine sustaining fuel.


Our diesel efficient fuel is formulated to keep your engine cleaner for better fuel economy. Our unique formula works to increase fuel economy, enhance engine performance, and reduce emission for a cleaner burn.


Our illuminating Kerosene product is carefully formulated to suit industrial and domestic use. Its unique ingredients offer longer, safer burns ideal for kerosene lamps, cookers, as well as other domestic uses.

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Our Promise

From the very fast tankful, Olympic Petroleum products go to work – removing up to 50% of carbon deposit build-up in just about 5,000 km.

Pick fuel that is right for your car. The unbeatable cleaning power of Olympic Petroleum Petrol, sustains, maintains, and boosts your engine.



Green Technology

Olympic Petroleum fuels have three times more detergent than the minimum requirement and about 30% more than the minimum specified by top tier car manufacturers.

Social Responsibility

Social welfare at Olympic Petroleum means providing more than safe efficient products, but also protecting, empowering and developing our local community.